What Participants Say

“I feel so much more confident as a learner of math. After my experiences, even when we were asked to do a problem similar to what we’d ask our kids to do, I didn’t ‘cringe’ as much as I would have before. In fact, I thought, “Okay, I can do this” or, “Wow, this is fun. I want to do more.” My teaching will be so different. I’m excited. I don’t feel negative about Investigations like I did coming into this. I see its benefits and know it needs to be a team effort through K-5.”
—Kansas IC Workshop Participant
“I think this may be my eighth online course and I have never had one so interactive and well set-up.  I loved the way I could view and interact with student work.  Very cool.”
—Online II Course Participant
“I learned how the CCSS-M standards build from grade to grade - through reflecting on classroom videos, student work and cases. The students' early grade experiences are critical building blocks and necessary steps to their computation success in the later grades (e.g. understanding and effectively using U.S. Standard Algorithms).”
—Online CFCC Participant
“I have taught school 40 years. During this time I have attended numerous workshops/staff development seminars. This workshop has been the most productive/helpful one I have ever attended.”
—New Mexico BCF Workshop Participant
“I have been working to change my feelings about math for the past few years. This workshop validates all that we have been trying to do.”
—Montana C&C Workshop Participant
“I have learned so much during this training, not only about how to teach Investigations, but as a learner, my mathematical understanding has greatly increased.”
—Virginia FDP Workshop Participant
“The entire workshop pushed my thinking of why. I had never been asked why we do what we do in math. We just did it because our teacher told us, and I had been teaching it that way too. I had a preconceived notion that algebra was only in high school, now I understand it starts in K!”
—North Carolina AR Workshop Participant
“Always great to hear directly from the authors. Purpose was very clear. Helpful framework for planning how we will bring this back to our district.”
—North Carolina CCI Participant
“Wonderful Institute! It was such a pleasure to get with other principals and discuss common problems and how to fix these.”
—West Virginia PI Participant
“I walked away with many valuable tools to support our teachers. Based on this experience, I am able to assess our teachers’ needs for our Investigations implementation. I am also more knowledgeable about each of the curriculum components to be utilized in planning and teaching. I believe I will be able to have more positive impact on instruction and student learning.”
—Massachusetts PDI Participant
“The session on addition and subtraction confirmed I’ve been a mathematician my whole life even when I couldn’t do the algorithms! I learned a lot.”
—New York Customized PD Participant
“I appreciate how well organized and paced the webinar was. The time [the presenter] spent explaining how the new additions build and link to previous units/Investigations was very helpful.”
—CC Institute K-2 Webinar Participant