Which offering is Right for me?

Suggested Professional Development
Based on Investigations Experience

  ≤1YR >1YR Leader
Investigations in the Classroom K-5
Building Computational Fluency K-5  
Algebraic Reasoning 1, K-5
Algebraic Reasoning 2, K-5  
Counting and Computation K-2
Fractions and Decimals 3-5
Principals’ Institute    
Investigations 3 Institute
Implementing Investigations
Developing Computational Fluency
Making Sense of Fractions
Supporting Math Learning

≤1 yr = New to Investigations or used Investigations for less than one year
>1 yr = Used Investigations for more than one year
Leader = Individuals who support the implementation of Investigations

My state adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics. I need help using the Investigations curriculum to meet those standards.
I’m a teacher who’s been using Investigations for one year and need help implementing the curriculum in my classroom.
I’m a new teacher who will begin using Investigations in the fall.
I’ve been using Investigations in my classroom for a year and I attended an Investigations in the Classroom workshop recently.
I’ve been using Investigations in my classroom for two (or more) years but have never attended an Investigations in the Classroom workshop.
I’m a teacher leader who recently attended an Investigations in the Classroom workshop and would like to focus on support.
I’m a math specialist or administrator recently charged with supporting Investigations.
I attended your Investigations in the Classroom and Building Computational Fluency workshops, and am interested in deepening my understanding of the math.
I am a math coordinator and would like to get the principals in my district on board with Investigations.
We just purchased the Investigations curriculum.
My district has just adopted Investigations. How and where do we begin?
We can't send our teachers off-site. What can you offer us?