Face-to-Face PD Offerings

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Five reasons you should attend our face-to-face offerings:

  1. Developed by TERC
    Our workshops and institutes were developed at TERC and are facilitated by experienced Investigations users.

  2. Practical
    What you learn and experience in our sessions is what you’ll want to do when you are back in your classroom and school, with your own students.

  3. Professional Learning Community
    Our face-to-face offerings allow you to forge professional relationships with colleagues that extend beyond the workshop or institute you are attending.

  4. Interactive
    Your participation in our PD offerings will include explaining your thinking, sharing ideas with others, listening to them, and having meaningful math discussions; just the type of interactions that we hope students will have in math classrooms.

  5. Embedded Math Practices
    The courses are designed for participants to experience the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practices which they will then enact in their classrooms.