Online Offerings

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 »About Our Online Courses

Our online courses are asynchronous – which means there is no set time to be online with others in the course. Each person decides on their own schedule, making sure to engage in weekly conversations with fellow participants through the Discussion Forum as they share, collaborate and reflect on their learning.

The courses’ interactive sessions include readings, doing math, watching classroom video clips, and looking at and sorting student work.

In addition, participants share, collaborate and reflect on the key learnings of each session with other educators in the Discussion Forum.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion indicating the course clock hours when they complete the course. Three graduate credits are also available through Framingham State University.

 »How we developed our online courses

Watch Myriam Steinback's and Cynthia Garland-Dore's webinar with Liz Farmer from ETLO describing the challenges and opportunities of converting face-to-face PD to online PD.

 »5 Reasons To Take Our Online Courses

  • Developed by TERC
    1. The course is created and facilitated by teams who teach and use the Investigations curriculum.
    • Interactive
      1. The course includes sharing strategies, engaging in math and pedagogical discussions with fellow participants, and looking at student work.
      • Practical
        1. Apply what you learn immediately to your classroom with your students.
        • Vertical Look
          1. The course sessions allow you to see how mathematical ideas develop across the grades.
          • Professional Learning Community
            1. The course enables you to connect with and learn from fellow teachers who have experiences and needs similar to yours.